August 21, 2017

“Manners must adorn knowledge and smooth its way in the world, without them it is like a great rough diamond, very well in a closet by way of curiosity, and also for its intrinsic value; but most prized when polished.” – Lord Chesterfield

Making Manners Matter is the Etiquette Nanny’s Mantra!
Bringing Manners Back is her Quest!

Joanna Parris, the Etiquette Nanny, firmly believes that our society will flourish more rapidly if greater emphasis was placed on practicing Good Manners and Etiquette regularly. Good Manners; along with Poise and Polish, will help facilitate interactions with people from different cultures who make up our global village. Manners is a two way street, to be effective, it needs to be taught – then it needs to be applied. Children (and adults) generally mimic what they see; by setting a good example we teach children the importance of good manners.

The Importance of Manners

Good Manners in today’s arena are crucial to one’s success, as they help to build confidence; raise self esteem; improve communication and allow one to make friends more easily; while at the same averting aggression.

They help make our social interactions pleasant; they give us guidelines of how to behave. Manners are the vehicle we use to apply the rules when building relationships, and are relevant in every culture and age group.

By Making Manners Matter you are cementing your path to a brighter future; because in today’s global market you need more than a Diploma, or a Designer wardrobe to make waves in the business world. This is confirmed through the results of a study by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute which revealed that 85% of people skills and only 15% of technical skills are needed to be successful in one’s professional and personal life.

This does not mean that one should give up studying; it means that one needs to ‘shower’ greater attention on one’s social skills. Simply put, social skills mean your ability to get along with others; your verbal and non verbal communication, and your capacity to maintain satisfying relationships.

“The rules of good manners are the traffic lights of human interaction. They make it so that we don’t crash into one another in everyday behavior” – Pier Forni, Phd

What Is Your Manners Saying Behind Your Back

Your manners are a reflection of your character. They speak about you without your uttering a word. Here are some of the clues that your manners reveal to others about who you are!

They give indications about:

  • Your character
  • Your level of education
  • Your level of consideration for others
  • Your level of self control
  • Your social and economic standing
  • Your ability to engage others
  • Your team-playing capabilities

How You Can Change the Conversation

With the help of the Etiquette Nanny you will become more approachable; you will learn how to be more engaging, how to be considerate to others; you will also learn to respect yourself; show respect for others and for private/public property.

You will quickly learn that good manners will equip you with the tools that are necessary to become a leader; to help you stand head and shoulders above your competition; to assist you in navigating and finessing any meal; that good manners boost your confidence level and make you more credible.

The Etiquette Nanny strongly believes that each and everyone can learn how to make manners second nature, because manners is not like a tap that can be turned on and off at will. Good manners must be consistent; they help you to present yourself with a more poised and professional air which will boost your standing in the arena in which you interact.

“Good manners have much to do with emotions. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.”
Amy Vanderbilt

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