July 28, 2017


Savvy Social Skills

Social Skills

Be the Star at Every Social Event

At the culmination of this ninety minute workshop, you will be equipped to excel at any business, social event or reception. You will also be able to network with confidence and poise.

Topics include:
  • The Art of Professional and Effective Introductions
  • How to Display Confidence as you Shake Hands
  • How to Start a Conversation and how to Exit Gracefully
  • When to Intrude on a Conversation in Progress
  • How to Project a Positive Professional Image
  • How to be Memorable
  • How to be a Gracious Host or Guest
  • How to Balance Food and Beverages at a Cocktail/Networking Event
  • The Protocol for Exchanging Business Cards
  • How to Dress Appropriately for Any Occasion
  • The Tenets of Dining Etiquette and Table Manners
  • The Importance of RSVPs and Hand Writing, Thank-You Notes

Because of the hands-on, participative nature of this workshop you will be better able to retain the know-how needed to handle yourself in a polished and professional manner in any social or dining scenario.

Packaged For Success


Your Success Quotient

Your image, attitude and etiquette herald your arrival before you even open your mouth to speak; they impact all aspects of your life – business, personal and social. Looking polished and well put together, can greatly increase your chances of success.

If you are entering or re-entering the workforce or if you are an immigrant wanting to learn how to adopt to the culture you are in, this workshop will give you the head start that you need.

Topics covered include:
  • Attitude analysis
  • Business etiquette
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Introductions
  • Poise & Posture
  • Social skills

Being polished is a learned skill, we will be happy to assist you in honing these skills and preparing you for greater success.

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