July 29, 2017

Children & Teens

Which Fork Is Mine

Which fork is mine

These classes are designed to enhance the dining etiquette skills of boys and girls, to make them more comfortable at the dining table, both in formal and informal settings.

Children obtain hands on instructions over a four-course meal; they learn proper table manners, napkin etiquette, identification and the proper use of china, glassware and utensils, how to eat difficult foods along with the skills necessary to be a good host or guest.

Common Courtesies & You

Common courtesies and you

Children learn to become comfortable while interacting with others, they learn how to master social skills through role play. They gain confidence and build their self esteem while strengthening their positive character traits. They learn to make better choices and avoid situations which lead to conflict.

Topics include: personal improvement; welcoming behaviors; common courtesies; etiquette for and in public places; host and guest skills; how to avoid conflict.

How To Be A Friend

How to be a friend

Making friends could be difficult especially if children are shy. In this action-packed class of role-playing, and activities, children will learn various ways to make new friends and build positive relationships.

They will gain confidence in social skills, and enhance their communication and leadership abilities which will help them to become a better friend.

Download the Etiquette Flyer for Children.

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