July 29, 2017


What Is A Cotillion


The word Cotillion originated in France in the 1800’s, it was a style of dance in which a minimum of four couples participated. As its’ popularity grew it turned in a formal ball for wealthy young women who were ready to be presented to society. From this it evolved to an exclusive ball for the ‘upper-class’ in society where affluent young women were taught manners and ballroom dancing. Today a cotillion is open to any young person who wants to be prepared to present themselves elegantly and professionally.

Rationale For A Cotillion

The Etiquette Nanny’s Cotillion was created because of the interest shown by school principals. This cotillion is a far cry from the stiff and formal ones of yesteryear. It is held over a three month period and taught in a party atmosphere. Another difference is the fact that any young person can attend; and they are taught manners and dance steps for today’s environment.

What Does A Cotillion Do

A Cotillion prepares young people for adulthood; it is designed to enhance their ability to communicate and interact with each other, their elders and their superiors. Participants gain confidence in their leadership abilities, they learn proper manners and social skills, including – dining etiquette, social graces, respect, communication and digital manners. A Cotillion help young people practice skills to master good manners and proper etiquette, during the Cotillion they are given the opportunity to perfect these skills which prepare them for high school, college, university or entering the world of work.

What Are The Benefits of Participating In A Cotillion

Being a part of a Cotillion allows young people to make friends easier; it helps with conflict resolution as they learn how to share, interact and respect the differences in people and cultures. It prepares youth for entering high school and college. They learn to think for themselves, lead when necessary and be a part of the team at other times. They are better prepared for interviews because they learned the importance of dressing properly, speaking eloquently, navigating any dining scenario and they would have sharpened their social and business manners.

About The Cotillion

This event is open to teens and pre-teens – aged 7 -19 years.

Dress for Classes

Proper attire

Young ladies : No cut out tops, ultra short skirts, see though tops or flip flops.

Young men : proper fitting trousers, no tank tops or hoodies.

Dress for the Ball

Formal attire

Gentlemen: dark suit, white shirt & tie or bowtie.

Ladies: long gowns – color ivory or white.


8 weeks

Topics covered

Etiquette, First Impressions, Grooming 101, Introductions, Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Financial Planning, Dining Etiquette and Dance Lessons




10:30 – 12:00 and 1:30 – 3:00 The workshops culminate in the Cotillion Ball – a formal evening where parents and friends come out to support their children.

Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime.

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