July 29, 2017

Etiquette Week

The Etiquette Nanny offers presentations and workshops for schools, organizations, churches, social clubs or girl guides association – Your organization, social club, church or school CAN benefit from an etiquette training presentation.

We would be delighted to speak at your next event or conduct an onsite training workshop, on any of the listed topics or tailor one to meet the goals and objectives of your group.

Etiquette Week

Joanna Parris, founder of the Etiquette Nanny – created ‘Etiquette Week’ for schools to help educate young people about the importance of Good Manners and Proper Etiquette.


Young people are not very conscious of the fact that some of the things they do, consciously or unconsciously hurt the feelings of others; or that their behaviour speaks volumes about their values morals and manners.


To equip students with the knowledge that practicing good manners is a way of life; that their manners is a reflection of their character and in the long run will affect their personal and professional growth and development.


The lack of good manners and social skills is reaching alarming proportions. Etiquette Week is an easy, fun way to indoctrinate all children into the workings of good manners – which basically means displaying kindness and respect for themselves and others.

During Etiquette Week, students will learn how to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette. They will learn how to be socially conscious and gain the ability to navigate different social settings, from walking the halls of their school to the expected behaviour in public places and formal events.

Praise for the Etiquette Nanny

“Joanna Parris is the ‘Empress’ of Etiquette. She is a walking billboard of her profession” – Donna Messer, Canada’s Networking Guru.

“Joanna is able to get to the level of the students, engage them and keep them interested and excited about learning & practicing good manners.” – Janice Searles, Principal

“Miss Parris showed us how to behave even when we are in difficult situations – like when we are on the phone in a public place and we are excited, we should use our ‘inside voice’ so that we don’t disturb everyone around.” Robert Parsons

“We should all use and model good manners, so that we nurture a more gracious society.” – Joanna Parris

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