July 29, 2017


Making Manners Matter – For Every Age.

Children aged 7 – 9

Give your child the gift of Etiquette and Good Social Skills. Help them to develop the confidence and the social graces they need to help them excel.

Teens and Pre-Teens

In these hands on classes teens and pre-teens learn how to conduct themselves in everyday and formal situations. They learn among things – how to present themselves in a positive manner, portray good social skills, proper manners and respect for themselves, others and public places.

Schools and Organizations

Enrichment programs that promote Character Development and help prevent bullying.

  • An Etiquette Week
  • Financial Literacy
  • First Impressions
  • Most Courteous Student Awards


Increase your success potential by adding internationally accepted manners, etiquette and social skills to your tool kit.

  • The Art of Introduction
  • The Art of Dining
  • Effective Social Skills

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