July 28, 2017


Joanna Parris, certified etiquette expert, author and speaking professional invites you to visit any of the websites from her recommended list that interest you:

Executive Planet™

This site offers information on business culture, customs and worldwide etiquette, such as: – Public Behaviour – how to greet strangers and introduce yourself, the rules for men shaking hands with women, acceptable demeanor, rules for eye contact, gestures/sayings to avoid, and more on business culture info…

Business Dress

– is dress modest, conservative, etc., specific dress requirements for men and women, what visitors should wear to social functions, and more on business etiquette info.

Empowering Aboriginal Youth In Ontario

The Youth Community Action Program enables youth-driven organizations to empower Aboriginal youth, aged 17 to 30, in Ontario to use the arts as tools to address social issues affecting their communities. By taking an active role in implementing a Youth Community Action project, young people build capacity and a sense of community engagement.

Eva’s Place

Creating opportunities for homeless youth

Eva’s Place helps homeless youth connect to a community that can support them as they move forward. Whether they’re getting settled in school or looking for a job or an apartment, we provide the support they need during these difficult transition times.

Dr. P.M. Forni

Civility Expert and Author

Dr. Forni is an award-winning professor at Johns Hopkins University, where he has taught for the past twenty years. He co-founded the Johns Hopkins Civility Project in 1997. An aggregation of academic and community outreach activities, the JHCP aimed at assessing the significance of civility, manners and politeness in contemporary society.

Future Aces

The Herbert H. Carnegie Foundation

In 1954, “Herb Carnegie founded one of Canada’s first hockey schools, Future Aces, and through his work in training young hockey players, became a member of both the Order of Ontario and the country’s highest civilian award, the Order of Canada. His hockey career was recognized when he was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. He died in Toronto in March 2012 at age 92.

Future Aces initiatives touch the lives of more than 70,000 students annually.

Women’s Alliance

Someone’s future is hanging in your closet™

The Women’s Alliance is dedicated to providing technical assistance to community groups and volunteers, helping them to start and grow independent programs that provide professional clothing and career skills coaching to low-income individuals in need in their communities.

World InfoZone

Twelve years ago World Info Zone (WIZ) was a school project designed to explore the UK’s history and its links to other cultures. Now, with its international perspective for education, it is an invaluable, interactive resource schools and colleges can use to show students how, for worse or better, all the world is connected.

YDP Cotillion

YDP is headed by a group of extremely dedicated volunteers.

We are committed to helping our community’s young people develop the skills and attitudes that will ensure their future success and happiness.We believe that style, etiquette, and leadership are vital skills for success; our focus is on teaching our students the poise that will help them to make lasting and powerful first impressions. Whether a person is dealing with teachers, potential employers, customers, clients, business partners, new friends, or new flames, the skills we teach will make our students stand out.

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