July 28, 2017

Table Manners


cForget “You are what you eat.” You are how you eat. Dining with good manners is an important way to make a great lasting impression, as well as a way to ensure that you’re invited again.

  1. Dine as quietly as possible. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t slurp when you drink.
  2. Only use your utensils for eating. The knife is not a laser pointer nor should it ever touch your mouth – no knife licking! If you’re not taking food from your plate to your mouth, your utensils should be resting on the dinner plate.
  3. A fork is not a forklift. Don’t load up your utensils with large amounts of food and shovel it into your mouth. This is not a Coney Island eating contest.
  4. Take smaller portions. When dining buffet-style, avoid ‘vulture syndrome’ and don’t load up your plate. It’s more elegant to take smaller, more civilized portions and make another trip to the buffet if you’re still hungry.
  5. Excuse yourself to blow your nose. Instead of blowing your nose at the table, walk to the bathroom or a private area.
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