July 29, 2017


“Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les memes.” – (The more things change the more they remain the same.) – Alphonse Karr

Making Manners Matter

Usually after spending a few minutes in my company people normally relax, but after more than 10 years of sharing my knowledge of image and etiquette, it still amuses me how people react when I tell them what I do. Suddenly they stand a little straighter, and become self-conscious about their manners. Although it makes me smile, it also makes me wonder why they do not carry themselves correctly all the time.

Manners change with the times, but good manners never go out of style!

In today’s society some rules have been relaxed to complement a more casual lifestyle. But, the basic tenets such as, please, thank you, excuse me should not be allowed to fall by the wayside, because our interactions with family, friends, strangers, customers and co-workers are made easier when we display good manners. Television, movies and the internet have offered up a plethora of messages, with varying levels of influence. We need to be conscious of the choices we make and the choices that our children make. We all have to take responsibility for our actions!

Electronic communication has made it difficult for people of all ages to have face to face conversations; it often creates an awkwardness that is evident at gatherings where children (and adults), text each other – although they are in the same room.

Texts or emails do not carry ‘tone or inflection’ and can easily be misinterpreted. Also because of the ensuing ‘isolation’ it can cause people to act out when engaged in a conversation that they feel less than prepared to handle. The Etiquette Nanny offers classes and workshops in manners and proper etiquette that ensure both children and adults not only understand the importance of manners, but practice good manners.

The Etiquette Nanny wants you to succeed….BUT, success doesn’t happen by chance. You have to put a plan of action in place and work at it. She believes very strongly in promoting good manners, and professionalism; and sharing her knowledge with children and adults by giving them the tools to be the best they can be!

The Etiquette Nanny can work with your group, organization or offer private coaching. She would determine your needs and customize a program specifically for you and or your group.

The Etiquette Nanny would be honored to have the opportunity to be a part of your future success!

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Joanna Parris

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