July 29, 2017

What People Are Saying

“Love the new handle, Robert and I still think of you when we have our ‘special dinners’ We dress up, set the table, use good china and dine – not just eat :)!” – Michele & Robert Jacobson

“Joanna your influence on my children is evident three years after you taught them dining etiquette. Thank you.” – Lisa Bellamy

“The Etiquette Nanny, a fitting name for the most charming and socially savvy woman I know.” – Wendy Wilson

“Joanna, the new title is very appropriate; you are a nurturer. I am sure all the children who come under your ‘wings’ will be prepared to face the world more confident and graceful!” – Elizabeth Moore

“Great title for a great communicator!” – Cassandra Bishop

“Congratulations Joanna, you definitely are the Etiquette Nanny” – Marsha T. Branson

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